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Our API and ATS provides quantifiable data about every applicant’s performance in the new job role and cultural fit at the beginning of the recruitment process. Using AI ensures consistency for shortlisting the best candidates to interview and increases the productivity of recruitment specialists.

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Using Assisted intelligence is a recruitment process that doesn’t relying solely on the background information provided by applicants for screening and shortlisting purposes.

Our business model focuses on performance issues rather background and experience. It provides additional information about each applicants’ suitability at the beginning of the recruitment process. The data generated gives an accurate prediction of their performance against the new job role and fit with an organisations business culture.

The inclusive model combines the process of Defining Business Culture, utilising Behavioural Assessments and Job Match Software that uses Assisted Intelligence to ‘rank’ every applicant’s suitability, in percentage terms. Used in conjunction with an applicant’s background details, recruiters can make quality decisions based on more reliable and consistent data. Our clients have achieved conversion rates as low 3:1 and increased the productivity of recruiters by 50%.

There has always been a financial barrier to using assessment tools at the front end of the recruitment process. Our business model overcomes this problem. Users pay per job vacancy or through an annual license fee. Both options include unlimited use of our API or ATS solutions including behavioural assessments and reports.

Defining Business Culture

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Job Match Using AI

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The validation studies were carried out independently by a third party ‘centre of excellence’ and the research findings together with the technical considerations are available on request. To date, 1.5 million job seekers have completed questionnaires.

The answer is we don’t. We own the IP for all the assessment tools and reporting system so we can offer unlimited usage within the overall cost of our product and service offerings.

We believe every organisation has their own unique style or way of operating. Understanding its make-up is critical area for business success and is very often neglected due its indefinable nature. There are very few companies that provide leading edge talent management solutions that define, communicate and above all, align job-seekers to business culture in a measurable way.

It’s not really possible to do this as there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Each organisation sets its own Benchmarks or ideal range for the individual scales measured and these will vary from job to job. As participants are unaware of the ranges set, scoring high on every scale will always generate a very low job match percentage or high development gap score which disadvantages the individual concerned. Interview questions are also generated to validate questionnaire results of candidates and existing employees.

Yes, but that’s not really a bad thing as it demonstrates an applicant’s real level of interest in a vacancy as opposed to taking a shot gun approach to the job market. The figure varies between 2% for more senior positions and up to 8% for customer facing type roles. Those applicants that do make the effort and show genuine interest are rewarded with a free Personal Profile Report with helpful ideas on personal development.

Using Artificial Intelligence to support recruitment decisions. Whilst ATS are becoming more sophisticated, there are few innovations that save time and money at the front end of the recruitment process.

Today, it’s not possible for a single provider to offer ‘best in class’ software applications across the ATS and VMS spectrum. That’s why we have developed API solutions for our Behavioural Performance Matrix, Assessments, Job Match and Employee Talent Bank which can be added to third party software. In a similar way, we also use leading edge third party Job Posting software which is fully integrated with our ATS.

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