Intelligent Behavioural
Matching Software

We provide quantifiable data about every applicant’s performance and suitability at the front-end of the hiring process. Our smart software can analyse and match 100’s of behavioural profiles to your performance standards, in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you use 10 or 100 assessment for each vacancy, the price remains the same.


How it Works...


Customised Product

Eighteen reliable and valid behavioural measurement scales available for users to select from. No more ‘one-size fits all’ mentality to assessing job performance – leave it up to us and you get a fully customised product at every stage, for no extra cost.


Benchmark Performance

Our profiling software enables organisations to ‘benchmark’ their job performance standards and DNA fit on each scale measured. Setting a benchmark range is an improvement over using general norm tables as applicant’s are measured against company specific criteria.


Assessment Questionnaires

Questionnaires are completed by applicants as they apply for a job or sent out retrospectively. Whichever method is used, everyone receives instant feedback with helpful tips on how to maintain or improve performance. A great way to enhance your recruitment brand.


Job Match AI

Using Assisted Intelligence, the software ranks every applicant’s performance and suitability by generating a Job Match score within the database provided or in your ATS/VMS. Used in conjunction with an applicant’s CV, recruiters can produce targeted shortlists based on quantifiable data.


Candidate Reports

Three reports are generated for every applicant, written in a business language that’s easy to understand. There is no requirement for expensive licensing programs as the software does all the interpretation. The Candidate, Development and Feedback reports are available in HTML and PDF formats.


Benefits of our Service

Integration Option

Integrate and benefit from our behavioural assessments and matching technology within your existing hiring platform with our simple API toolkit. 

Assess Everyone

No longer restrict assessments to a select few candidates. It doesn’t matter if 10 or 1000 people apply for a job, the assessment fees are fixed.

Increase Productivity

Using Assisted Intelligence and the Job Match technology can save 25% of recruiters time, freeing them to focus on ‘higher value’ activities.

Less Bias,
More Consistency

Assessing every applicant against exacting standards creates a new level of consistency for recruiters and reduce potential bias in the shortlisting process.

Your Brand

Create a lasting impression with job seekers by providing real time feedback to every applicant on how they can maintain or enhance their future performance.

Advertisement Spend

Utilise the candidates already in your talent pool to help reduce your advertising spend. Our tool can analyse thousands of existing assessments profiles in seconds.


Our Pricing

 No longer are assessments restricted to senior positions or a select few candidates at the shortlist stage. Assess unlimited applicants for a fixed fee. All prices include:





No Set-Up

£120 per job

10 Jobs per annum
£1200 one off fee

£100 per job*

25 Jobs per annum
£209 per month

£80 per job*

50 Jobs per annum
£334 per month

£60 per job*

100 Jobs per annum
£500 per month


Special rates for B2B
and large volumes

*We offer 10% discount for full payment of fees in advance covering full 12-month subscription.


‘Matching People 2 Jobs assessments are an integral part of the recruitment process within our retail business on both a local and national basis.  The Job Performance Matrix for setting the behavioural performance standards has proven to be a very beneficial’ to measure applicants in a consistent way’.

  In House Recruitment Manager
National Retailer

‘Over the past 30 years, I have been looking for something that can accurately match a candidate to the business culture of the organisation and department with the vacancy. Matching People 2 Jobs assessments technology provides the ‘missing piece’. I am pleased to recommend them’.

  RPO Director
Corporate & RPO Consultancies

‘We have used the Matching People 2 Jobs assessments for many years. The software is easy to administer, and the level of support offered is exceptional. A simple and fast way to receive valuable candidate performance data. A truly 5-star product and service.’

Human Resources Director
5* Hotel, London

‘The ability to offer our dealer network the opportunity to manage their assessment process in an efficient and professional way has been a bonus. The targeted data gives managers access to the very best candidates as soon as possible after their initial application, saves time and money.’

Recruitment Manager
National Dealership, Motor Industry

‘As a senior-operations executive, the applicant assessment platform has proved invaluable vehicle to communicate the guiding principal of a business, in commercial environments. The development of behavioural performance standards directly impacted on business performance’.

Director of Operations
International Hotel Group

‘The assessment software provides us with the opportunity to objectively assess every job applicant against our specific requirements and save time in prioritising the candidates that closely match our selection criterion. Saves us time and money’ whilst providing an easy process to make well informed recruitment decisions’.

Group HR Manager