Frequently Asked Questions

Are the assessment tools reliable and valid?

The original research study was funded by the Department of Trade Industry as part of their ‘Smart Award’ scheme for Innovation. The reliability and validation studies were carried out independently by a third party ‘centre of excellence’ and the technical considerations are available on request. To date, over 1.5 million job seekers have completed on-line questionnaires.

How are your assessment tools different from other providers?

We have developed a low cost, high-tech solution designed specifically for the today’s emerging, high-volume assessment market. The availability of assessments for screening and matching large numbers of job applicants is limited. They are either expensive, traditional in their design and construct or require manual interpretation. We have overcome these issues by developing a standalone and API assessment solution at a very competitive price.

Can people gain an unfair advantage when responding to questionnaire items?

It is almost impossible as there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Secondly, as applicants are unaware of the benchmark ranges set by organisation’s they would not know which response to select to gain an advantage. We also provide recruiters with interview questions to validate the questionnaire results.

Are some individuals put off by having to complete questionnaires?

A few, but not as many as you might think. Using a questionnaire at the front-end of the candidate journey acts as filter and demonstrates if applicants have real level of interest in the vacancy or taking a shot gun approach to the job market. As a reward for their participation, a complimentary Feedback report is immediately available with useful guidelines on personal development.

Why are performance benchmarks critical for measuring performance?

Every organisation has their own unique way of operating. Its behavioural in nature, not personality driven. Our assessments are normed against the general population. However, the benchmark is an improvement over using general norm tables as organisations can specify the exact behavioural requirements for someone who will perform effectively in job and match their unique DNA/culture.

What is Assisted Intelligence and how does it work for matching applicant’s?

Assisted Intelligence doesn’t mean taking the place of people – it’s about making them more productive. For example, the software can interpret 100’s of assessment profiles against any combination of benchmarks, in seconds. The speed and consistency exhibited by our intelligent ‘Matching’ software generates a target shortlist and saves the time involved with analysing and interpreting each profile, manually. The productivity gains and monetary savings are considerable.